Franklin Templeton Academy

   Franklin Templeton Academy

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”  - Benjamin Franklin

Franklin Templeton Academy (FTA) is a global education programme that seeks to contribute to your knowledge and skills so that you, in turn, can provide superior service to your clients.

Franklin Templeton has played a significant role in financial education and training for decades. As early as 1958, the Franklin Almanac, a mimeographed newsletter, provided tips on a range of investment topics.

Franklin Templeton Academy was launched in Asia in 2005 and quickly expanded to Europe and the Americas. Today Academy comprises nearly 30 professionals globally, dedicated to a variety of roles such as training (often in local language), instructional design and content development.

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I learn. Involve me I and remember”. Throughout the years, this particular quote has inspired the Academy to provide informative, pragmatic and engaging training programs that result in effective learning experiences.

   Why the Franklin Templeton Academy?

From our constant interaction with financial advisors and investors over the years, FTA has gained incisive insights into issues you are challenged with today.

Designed to help you become more successful, FTA programs can help in several ways:

  • Strengthen your relationships with clients
  • Sharpen your professional skills
  • Build expertise with relevant industry updates and concepts
  • Ultimately, grow your business

FTA Blended Learning Mode

Our training can be delivered via live (classroom) sessions, webinars, or online training. We are capable of training in one format, or in a combination of various formats, based on your preference. Regardless of the training format, learners can expect to be engaged through quizzes, polls and group exercises.

Live (classroom) training:

  • Highly engaging classroom training for 20 – 30 attendees
  • Quiz questions, group exercises and in-class games and simulations
  • On- or offsite
  • Digital assessment & tracking
  • A premium experience maintained for our strategic partner


  • The learner attends an interactive, instructor-led webinar
  • Highly participatory content for large groups of learners
  • Live or replay on demand

Online Learning:

  • Consisting of short videos, Web Based Training (WBT) and e-Learning
  • Most flexible ―anywhere, anytime
  • All activity recorded on transcript
  • Available on mobile

   FTA Training Programs

Franklin Templeton Academy is unique in the investment industry in that it offers a comprehensive, global investment curriculum. Modules are the basic building blocks of any training program and each covers one defined topic. Each module typically has a running time of 2 to 3 hours and is designed to provide concise, practical insights into an area of relevance.

Modules are grouped in three broad categories:

Investment Concepts: Build a wealth of insights to help you identify and discuss the factors that may impact your clients’ investments.

Understanding Financial Markets: Understood how financial markets performed in the past to help you discuss various topics with even most sophisticated investors.

Professional Development: Designed to sharpen your social, communication and personal skills essential to building and maintaining a solid book of business.

FTA training program could be a combination of several modules (in one or more training sessions) and currently available in 3 different languages: English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

For more information on various modules available within the Academy, please refer to our Course Catalogue

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As you identify your training needs we hope you’ll look to the Franklin Templeton Academy for your continued professional development. Please contact your local Franklin Templeton representatives for further information.