Using flexible asset allocation of both equities
and fixed income balanced funds provide both
growth and income opportunities.

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Staying Nimble Amid an Uncertain Outlook

Our CIOs’ Global Investment Outlook highlights what shocks could affect the market and where they see opportunities.

Discover the Potential for High Yield

Look for extra income opportunities and expand income sources.

Digital Transformation: An Opportunity in the Technology Sector

by Jonathan Curtis, Vice President of Franklin Equity Group and Portfolio Manager of Franklin Technology Fund.


Savings Attitudes In Hong Kong And China Are Not Keeping Up With Societal Change

Years of economic growth have brought social, economic and demographic changes, including the challenges an aging population poses.

On My Mind: The Fed Calls Time For A Reality Check

Unreasonable expectations? Sonal Desai, our Fixed Income CIO, believes Powell took a reasonable first step to rein in market expectations.

Digital Innovations - Pinpointing Fixed Income Credit Risks

Distinguishing which risks are more likely to pay in Fixed Income Markets versus those that probably won’t.

Discovering Value in Climate Change Investing

Integrating six climate considerations with impact on long-term business performance into an investment process.

On My Mind: Yield Curve Hysteria

Sonal Desai, our Fixed Income CIO, suggests the yield curve is telling us nothing about what lies ahead for the real economy.

Beyond Bulls & Bears Bulletin

Insight from Franklin Templeton Investment Managers.