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Focus on U.S. Market • Hunt for Income Opportunities

Are You Seizing Opportunities in Volatile Markets?

Midyear Outlook: Risk, Recovery and New Market Realities

Our CIO’s Global Investment Outlook offers perspective on the investment landscape and the US elections.

Investment Insights on Coronavirus and Volatility

Perspective from investment teams across Franklin Templeton.


Investment Impact of 2020 US Elections

With US elections approaching, various investment teams provide insight into how they continue to deftly handle the market reaction.

On My Mind: Testing the Recovery: A New Franklin Templeton – Gallup Project

Fixed Income CIO Sonal Desai highlights the insights into a new study Franklin Templeton is collaborating with Gallup on the economic disruption of COVID-19.

On My Mind: Bringing the Economy Back from Life Support

Sonal Desai, CIO Of Franklin Templeton Fixed Income covers the difficult trade-offs in the US.

Health Care: The Next Wave of Innovation in China

The Emerging Markets Equity team reviews long-term healthcare investment opportunities in China.

US Equities: Taking the Long View Through Today’s Uncertainties

While the US economy continues to suffer the wrath of the coronavirus, a recovery will eventually come.

Quick Thoughts: Space and the Fourth Industrial Revoluation

Stephen Dover, Head of Equities thinks innovation transcends both space and time and headlines within five platforms of growth.