What is Sustainable Investing?

Sustainable investing doesn’t have to be complicated.
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The world’s natural resources have become increasingly stretched as demand continues to grow on the back of increasing populations, developing economies, wealth expansion, and the proliferation of new technologies.

Sustainability is key

Among the consequences of centuries of unrestrained growth is climate change. Rising environmental concerns have provoked action, with many governments around the world pledging to wean off dependence on traditional fossil fuels and committing to net zero carbon emissions within the next few decades.

Sustainability has become a key consideration in how policy authorities allocate resources on a macro scale. It is no longer just a fashionable buzzword – it has become a global policy imperative.

This will have significant impact on how investors select securities and allocate their portfolios across asset classes, sectors, and markets. Indeed, sustainable investing has become common parlance in general finance. At its core, it is all about doing well by doing good.

Many routes to one destination: Your guide to sustainable investing

Sustainable investing is not a one-size-fits-all investment approach. There are many ways investors can incorporate sustainability objectives in their overall investment strategy.

To help you understand the various styles of sustainable investing, we’ve created a comic to better illustrate some of these abstract concepts.

Chapter 1 - What is Sustainable Investing and ESG?

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Chapter 2

Different types of Sustainable Investing.


Chapter 3

“E” is Environmental


Chapter 4

“S” is Social


Chapter 5

“G” is Governance


Why Franklin Templeton?

We have a long track-record of considering ESG factors alongside traditional financial measurements to help identify those investments that have the potential to deliver sustainable returns. Read more about our commitment to sustainable investing here.

Our landmark acquisition of Legg Mason will unlock new opportunities for our clients, driven by greater scale, diversity and balance. Our Specialist Investment Managers embrace ESG incorporation as it best fits their investment process and enables us to offer a full complement of Responsible Investing strategies to our clients.

Our Approach

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